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Safety Consulting

Risk reduction for a competitive advantage and peace of mind

Prometrix Safety Consulting is a professional occupational safety and health consulting firm with expertise in OSHA compliance, employee training, program development, safety culture management, and implementation, and enforcement risk reduction. Most employers understand that they have the legal obligation to provide their workers with an environment free of recognized hazards. To do so, many employers implement safety and health programs and are committed to providing training opportunities for their workers as part of their effort to comply with strict OSHA requirements.


Similarly, there are also are numerous small and medium sized employers that want to comply with all of the workplace safety and health requirements; however, they may not possess the expert resources to either fully conform to the rules or to properly navigate what may feel like a daunting regulatory landscape. Further, some business leaders understand the potential for a strategic competitive advantage that an effective safety and health management program can deliver.


In these challenging economic times, employers are intensifying their efforts to improve their resource allocation and financial performance. Meanwhile, many line workers are under greater pressure to increase productivity which may expose them to a higher risk of painful injury or worse. Prometrix was founded with the passion for helping Clients strategically enhance their business and improve their effectiveness in delivering value to their stakeholders. Our passion is fueled by our Clients’ success.


Prometrix Safety Consulting is a minority-owned business serving the training and consulting needs of clients across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Middle East.

OSHA Consulting & Training Services

Driven by our passion to help our clients succeed we uniquely offer the expertise of former OSHA officials to deliver the safety & health tools necessary to ensure our clients’ success.


By navigating and demystifying complex regulatory requirements with tailored client solutions our clients reduce risk and leverage their safety performance as a competitive advantage.

Prometrix Consulting can help relieve your facility’s staffing burden of managing day-to-day OSHA compliance by providing a safety professional dedicated to ensuring your ongoing compliance with your specific safety & health requirements.


Whether stationed in your facility or working remotely from our offices, we will oversee some or all aspects of your compliance programs including recordkeeping, reporting, training, remote expert support, reviewing (or conducting) internal audits and establishing and tracking metrics, and other services.

Outsourcing or augmenting your site safety management capabilities will allow you to focus on your core business while also cost-effectively enhancing the safety of your operations.  Our staffing operation is a turn-key solution.  We handle all payroll, taxes, and benefits for our safety professionals. Should one of our safety professionals become unable to work, we will act swiftly in replacing that individual, taking the stress and burden out of your hands.


With a staff of former senior OSHA compliance and industry professionals, Prometrix provides clients with a unique level of expert safety and health training and consulting services. We help employers protect workers from serious injuries, ensure compliance with strict OSHA requirements, demystify the complex regulatory landscape, and help employers capture an often overlooked opportunity for competitive advantage.

  • Our Customer Value Proposition

For employers who are uncertain of their requirements to comply with complex workplace safety and health requirements, Prometrix Safety Consulting offers consulting and training services to help organizations manage risk and leverage their safety program into a competitive advantage. Unlike other service providers, Prometrix Safety Consulting uniquely offers the expertise of former senior OSHA officials to deliver the tools necessary to ensure your success with enhanced safety performance.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to support and facilitate our clients’ passion for enhancing their business and organizational effectiveness.

  • Our Vision

To develop an enduring valued relationship with each client by fully embracing their vision and passion for measurable success. Our reputation is reflected in our clients’ success in achieving safety performance.

  • Delivering Proven Results

We are proud of our record in helping clients avoid costly OSHA citations and reduce employee injuries. Our clients have never experienced a serious reportable injury nor have ever been cited by OSHA after implementing our practical and cost-effective recommendations.

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