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What is an OSHA compliance audit?


A compliance audit is a systematic and, whenever possible, independent evaluation of the workplace to determine whether job tasks and work areas conform to regulatory requirements and best practices in order to reduce the risk of employee injuries as well as mitigate the likelihood and severity of expensive OSHA citations.


A robust audit, must also include a review of the required applicable programs such as Lockout-Tagout, Emergency Action Plans, Bloodborne Pathogens, Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, and Hazard Communication and others to ensure that what the employees are implementing in their work areas adhere to what is required within the established programs and are effective in reducing safety and health risk.

Prometrix Consulting also has the expertise to conduct industrial hygiene compliance audits as well as required Process Safety Management audits for those employer sites that are covered by the PSM standard 1910.119.

In the long run, LOWER RISK = LOWER COSTS.


The safety and health compliance audit is a structured and robust method for collecting independent information on the effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of the overall safety and health management program which will ultimately provide a clear understanding of what (often simple) corrective actions are needed to ensure ongoing OSHA compliance.


By the way, "compliance audit" is often also referred to as a “mock OSHA inspection”.



What should you expect from our OSHA compliance audit?


You will obtain a thorough and confidential understanding of your readiness for an actual OSHA inspection along with a roadmap to mitigate the identified risks.


A typical mock OSHA inspection may range from 1 to 3 days of onsite evaluation depending on the size and complexity of your operations. A final report will provide a detailed roadmap for you to follow in order to successfully minimize your occupational safety and health risks. Of course, Prometrix Safety Consulting is available to assist you to ensure ongoing compliance and risk reduction.


Real-time onsite feedback on recognized hazards, issues, and opportunities for improvement through the unique lens of how OSHA may assess your workplace.


We will also provide some advice on the do’s & don’ts during an actual OSHA inspection and how to reassure OSHA that your worksite is committed to the effective safety and health protection of your employees.


When you are partnered with the right Workers Compensation insurance provider, such commitment and improvement in safety performance should ultimately translate into lower insurance premiums over time. Hence, more cost savings from good safety performance.


Keep this old adage in mind: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. That sentiment rings just as true with occupational safety and health compliance where identifying and eliminating risks on the front end is far more effective than dealing with the aftermath of an injury or accident. 



Why Prometrix Consulting?


We are very proud of our record that no client has ever received a citation after implementing the corrective actions from our audit findings.


If you want to minimize your OSHA risks, who is better suited to provide that evaluation than former senior OSHA officials and specialists?


As former OSHA officials, we uniquely offer the services, expertise, and a cost-effective approach to demystify compliance and ensure that you are well-positioned to minimize the likelihood and severity of employee injuries and avoid expensive enforcement penalties and actions.


We serve clients throughout the United States and in all industries including, general industry, construction, and maritime. We also serve clients with cross-border operations in Canada (WorkSafe).


Professional Advice:  Although it’s not required, if you engage with a 3rd party OSHA consulting firm such as Prometrix Safety Consulting, insist that the services be performed under attorney-client privilege and at no cost to you (as in free). This will accomplish several purposes:


  • Attorney-client privilege reassures company executives that all communications, audit findings, recommendations, and corrective actions are better protected as ‘proprietary and confidential’ from your competitors, the public, and OSHA.


  • Attorney-client privilege will remove privacy concerns as a credible objection from engaging outside experts; and


  • Such privileges will help foster a robust working relationship and environment whereby deeper and more candid conversations can take place in order to better address and reduce your operational risks.

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