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Prometrix Safety Store

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Welcome to our online OSHA compliance store where we have developed industry specific compliance manuals, online training programs, and other resources to help you reduce employee injuries, minimize the likelihood and severity of OSHA inspection citations, and help improve your business' profitability.
We are proud of our record that, even with many inspections, no client has ever been cited by OSHA after implementing our audit recommendations and safety programs. Our programs and training modules were developed by our team of former senior OSHA officials who have decades of government and private sector experience. Our commitment is to make your safety program more effective and the easiest to implement in comparison to other solution alternative.

Medical Office

Dental Office

Veterinary Office

Craft Brewery

(coming soon)

Our consulting services cover all industries and locations under OSHA's jurisdiction.
Additional industry-specific OSHA solutions that are suitable for online distribution are currently under development.
You may also contact us to assist you with developing customized safety programs and training.
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