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OSHA Safety and Health Training Services


Prometrix Safety Consulting offers OSHA safety and health training services which are tailored for the issues commonly encountered in your industry and worksite.


Training can be provided at your worksite or via a series of webinars.


The safety and health training topics are tailored based on your specific needs whether you are in the craft brewing, manufacturing, distribution / warehousing, construction, building services, government contracting, petrochemical or any other industry segment.


After your safety and health (OSHA) training is completed, your worksite will be awarded with a certificate which demonstrates successful completion of the OSHA training program(s). Employee training is an effective way to help comply with OSHA requirements and to reduce the risk of injuries.



Why Prometrix Consulting?


We are very proud of our record that no client has ever received a citation after implementing the safety and health programs we helped them develop or enhance. Effective training is an essential part of safety and health compliance.


If you want to minimize your OSHA related risks, who is better suited to provide that assistance than former senior OSHA officials and specialists?


As former OSHA officials, we uniquely offer the services, expertise, and a cost-effective approach to demystify compliance and ensure that you are well-positioned to minimize the likelihood and severity of employee injuries and avoid expensive enforcement penalties and actions.


We serve clients throughout the United States and in all industries including, general industry, construction, and maritime. We also serve clients with cross-border operations in Canada (WorkSafe).



Professional Advice:  Although it’s not required, if you engage with a 3rd party OSHA consulting firm such as Prometrix Consulting, insist that the services be performed under attorney-client privilege and at no cost to you (as in free). This will accomplish several purposes:


  • Attorney-client privilege reassures company executives that all communications, audit findings, recommendations, and corrective actions are better protected as ‘proprietary and confidential’ from your competitors, the public, and OSHA.


  • Attorney-client privilege will remove privacy concerns as a credible objection from engaging outside experts; and


  • Such privileges will help foster a robust working relationship and environment whereby deeper and more candid conversations can take place in order to better address and reduce your operational risks.

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