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OSHA Finds Another Prometrix Safety Consulting Client “In-Compliance” After Multiple Safety and Heal

Another Prometrix Safety Consulting client has recently completed multiple inspections with each one being closed out as “in-compliance” (no violations). By the way, these were long-term inspections — not in/out on the same day. To get this news on a Friday and after a long week… let me tell you… it feels pretty darn nice! We normally don't like to reference specific times when this happens for various reasons. We are, however, very proud of our track record in helping clients reduce risk and avoid expensive OSHA citiations.

The inspections involved everything from safety as well as health issues, national/regional/local emphasis programs, and other actions. The client, understandably, wishes to remain anonymous so to speak so I won’t be able to post company specific details. Shoot, they even got an “atta boy”. This company’s commitment to workplace safety and health is outstanding. This result could actually be considered a fantastic affirmation of that commitment. Kudos to this employer for demonstrating true leadership in protecting employees from hazards! And to know that Prometrix was an integral part of this success is something to which we are extremely proud.

We know what the proverbial they say… you can’t rest on your laurels. Hopefully, this company will decide to pursue VPP. We’ll see. Surely, they are already well on their way there — employee involvement and all. Again, to Company ABCD… we say congratulations for doing the right things to protect your employees!

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