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Introducing Prometrix Safety Consulting

Prometrix Consulting, with a staff of former OSHA officials, offers expert consulting and training services to help clients ensure compliance with complex workplace safety and health requirements.

These services include, in part:

Workplace Safety and Health Programs and Training:

Prometrix Safety Consulting experts can help you establish a workplace safety and health program that sets the foundation for OSHA compliance and worker protection. We can also review existing programs to ensure ongoing compliance with complex requirements. Furthermore, effective training is the cornerstone of OSHA compliance. We provide services to ensure your training programs are properly developed and implemented to maximize the potential for regulatory compliance.

Preparations for OSHA National Emphasis Programs (NEPs):

Our staff of former senior OSHA officials will conduct a thorough mock inspection consistent with NEP directives and Agency procedures to identify and address areas of vulnerability.

Conduct Comprehensive Onsite Safety & Health Risk Assessment:

Prometrix will conduct a robust safety and health audit of your facility to identify hazards and risks which may pose a potential for employee injury or enforcement citations. We provide practical recommendations to enhance compliance and reduce overall risk. None of our clients have ever been cited after implementing the practical recommendations from our risk assessment. We always urge our clients to conduct such assessments, whether with us or another firm, under attorney-client privilege. We offer such confidentiality at no additional cost to the client.

Gabe Sierra, former Chief of Staff for OSHA, founded Prometrix Safety Consulting in 2008.

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