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Overview of Safe Work Practices and Administrative Controls for Diacetyl (DAPORS)

Food flavoring manufacturers and users that have Diacetyl / DAPORS on their premises will benefit from understanding the role of safe work practices and administrative controls. These round out the other protective methodologies to help ensure compliance against OSHA’s NEP on Food Flavorings and overall enhanced workplace safety and health performance.

Safe Work Practice Controls:

Think of these controls as fine tuning once engineering and respiratory protection and personal protective controls have been implemented. These controls arise after a careful study of work processes. They include the most efficient integration of engineering and respiratory protection controls to maximize efficiency and reduce employee fatigue. A large part of such controls is simply good supervision that maximizes and integrates the effectiveness of higher order controls.

Examples may include:

  • the elimination of drinking, smoking, chewing gum etc from work areas

  • maintaining an organized and clean work environment

  • providing specific training on body and hand positions when handling DAPORS

Administrative Controls:

Administrative controls include controlling employees’ exposure by scheduling production and tasks, or both, in ways that minimize exposure levels. For example, scheduling operations with the highest exposure potential during periods when the fewest employees are present or by reducing inventory of hazardous materials to the lowest amount necessary.


Prometrix Consulting, with a staff of former OSHA officials, offers expert consulting and training services to help clients ensure compliance with complex workplace safety and health requirements.

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