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Random Technology Thought for OSHA Recordkeeping

I often sit back and think about technology and applying it to solve common problems — whether the problem is real or perceived. So I was thinking… I wonder if there’s a way to link something as a basic task, namely electronic worker time keeping, with safety and health recordkeeping.

A company such as make time clocks for employees to login/out for their hourly time keeping. Obviously, that’s tied into the employer’s payroll system. Company automates the process of tracking worker hours, tardiness, etc. Great. I just wonder if there’s a way to also incorporate (either directly into the time clocks or via a complementary system integrated into the company’s network) safety recordkeeping data….???

Maybe when the employee checksout, there’s a question prompt which asks if the individual experienced any sort of injury or near miss during his shift? It can then notify HR (anonymously or not) that an incident possibly occurred and there needs to be a followup inquiry to determine if it was a recordable, etc. It may also be a way of logging near-misses in addition to/or instead of recordables and first aids.

Knock two birds off with one stone: HR recordkeeping and assist with enhanced OSHA recordkeeping. Obviously, it would not replace traditional OSHA Recordkeeping techniques, requirements… but it might be a good tool to otherwise identify near misses or first aid cases? Just a thought.

I’ll have to noodle on this one for a while.

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