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New OSHA PSA Video Focuses on Young Worker Safety

Washington – OSHA has released a video emphasizing that young workers have the right to a safe workplace.

The short video features several young workers stating that they have the right to refuse work that appears hazardous, report an unsafe workplace and be trained to be safe. Young workers also must be paid fairly, given breaks and supplied safety equipment, the video notes. All workers have these same rights, even if they are young, working their first job or learning a new skill.

The video, originally released June 12, was shown during the student awards ceremony at the National Leadership and Skills Conference hosted by SkillsUSA on June 26 in Louisville.

“You have rights on the job, and your employer has the responsibility to provide a safe workplace. OSHA wants you to have a safe and rewarding work experience,” the agency states in the video description.

In 2013, 335 young people died on the job, according to OSHA.

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